Google Helps You Decluttering Your Mailbox

You are continuously baffled by your ever growing inbox. You don't have a global view on incoming emails anymore. You have lost control on your mailbox organization and priorities. It's been quite a while since Google has been experimenting new structures and layouts to improve your email experience with Gmail. Because it's a very trendy topic in the domain of [...]

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You Struggle To Keep Your Blogging Momentum? So, do I!

Blogging is an exciting and rewarding activity but can quickly become overwhelming if not managed efficiently. We often go through several typical phases when we get started, bouncing from euphoria to hope, interrogation, disappointment, doubt and possibly despair. I will explain in this post that the key words and subsequent qualities remain Motivation and Discipline. Refer to the [...]

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The Culture Of Success For An Improved Personal Development

The right equation Everybody builds up his own path paved of personal events and experiences both successes and failures. It is the singularity of our own life path. However, in order to bring consistency and value to what we carry out we must define and track meaningful personal objectives. They will be as many [...]

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A Few Weeks Off Away From Blogging

Dear Audience, I plan taking 4 weeks off from blogging. I won't post any new articles but I'll eagerly be thinking and preparing my next posts. I still have a full list of topics I want to address. Away from the blog but still active on social medias, do not hesitate to pop in on [...]

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Textilus Is The Definitive Scrivener Companion

Scrivener is a great software to handle significant writing projects. It's designed as a workbench with efficient editing features to design, organize and write your piece. It's however deployed only on desktops, both Windows and Mac OS X, and has no companion for iOS and Android mobile devices, at least for the moment. Rumors circulate [...]

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Why I Migrate From Dropbox To Google Drive

The Cloud-based content storage ecosystem Cloud-based content storages have quickly spread out as an obvious benefit for applications to make data available across platforms. They leverage tool capabilities beyond basic file storages with ad-hoc file viewers, flourishing edition features up to full online suites. The evolution of such file repositories make them henceforward essential in any [...]

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I Surf The Low-Tech Wearable Wave

My beloved 8 year old Thomas made for me a sweet elastic wristband for Father's Day. Such wearable became popular in his schoolyard the last few months but the one he crafted for me is very special. I am very glad to have received a (connected) wearable device as a present. Indeed connected! I can [...]

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Scheduling With Big Stones, Pebbles And Sand

Who has never started her or his work day with minor, quick or low-value tasks just because you felt tired or moody and not really up to handle bold tasks requiring a total focus and quite an effort? or, saying that after a while the motivation will cheer you up because it's just difficult to get started? [...]

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Motivation Drives Achievements And Much More

Have you ever faced discouragement after an enthusiastic period? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by doubts up to the point you lost awareness on a situation? Do you always succeed in keeping motivation high and fruitful? By the way, what is this fullness state we call motivation?   Motivation is a human and fluctuating feeling It [...]

June 20th, 2014|Categories: Personal Development|Tags: |1 Comment Enlights Visual Brainstorming

Team brainstorming is an efficient way to develop, organize and share ideas by fostering everybody’s creativity and thinking. The good old and low-tech whiteboard or corkboard you use to pin notes and images and to draw relationships between ideas is a well-suited support for brainstorming. It is widely used in business process modeling (BPM), agile software [...]

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