Team brainstorming is an efficient way to develop, organize and share ideas by fostering everybody’s creativity and thinking. The good old and low-tech whiteboard or corkboard you use to pin notes and images and to draw relationships between ideas is a well-suited support for brainstorming. It is widely used in business process modeling (BPM), agile software development (SCRUM), project management (Kanban), Six-Sigma and Lean methodologies and practices, among many others. It is convenient for teamwork, visual and graphical representations and can virtually be applied to any kinds of domains ranging from creation, marketing to entreprise process modeling and education.

Besides brainstorming, this paradigm can be efficiently used for creating mind maps, storboards or any other formalisms. provides a practical alternative to the physical board with a web-based collaborative virtual board, called murals in the app. The sleek design makes board creations straightforward. You can pin any types of contents (notes, pictures, videos, sounds, documents or links), group and connect them upon requirements, your imagination being the sole limit to visual representations.




Because it is based on a simple graphical model, the application remains light, which is important for a web-based app.’s major strengths are:

  • a smart user interface based on a very good application design. Items can be seamlessly positioned and adjusted according to inter-relations and dependencies. They can be picked up from the internal library but also come from external sources.
    Layout templates, called canvas, enable board structuring.
    You can define a visual workflow with an outline and then pan and zoom in and out on any group of contents. Very handy and seamless it makesteam brainstorming fun and lively.
  • a logical collaboration support for this kind of apps. The team communication is possible through chats and comments. The teammates focus on ideation whereas the tool deals with technical matters such as security and automatic saves behind the scene.
  • backup and export features. is able to interact with Evernote to create and update notebooks and notes and grab contents.
    You can also back up your board into your Google Drive repository. provides Catcher a mobile companion for iOS and Android devices to take pictures, write remote notes, add links and send them to existing boards.

Three services plans are proposed according to your needs starting with a free packages. is definitely a powerful and versatile brainstorming companion solution.


Do you already use or any other similar applications? Do not hesitate to leave a comment to share your experience.


Photo credit: Creative Commons, Jennifer Morrow.