Blogging is an exciting and rewarding activity but can quickly become overwhelming if not managed efficiently. We often go through several typical phases when we get started, bouncing from euphoria to hope, interrogation, disappointment, doubt and possibly despair. I will explain in this post that the key words and subsequent qualities remain Motivation and Discipline.

Refer to the numerous feedback you can find in personal blogs. Experience speaks by itself. blogging is an endurance sport!

Blogging is an endurance sport!

As a matter of fact it follows a well known maturity curve traveling along the above phases and moods. It is normal and usual to pass through such mixed and rather disturbing thoughts. The ramp-up to reach a steady state where things flow kind of flawlessly can take time depending on personal experiences in writing and committing to motivation driven activities.

Blogging Momentum
The figure shows the evolution of blogging momentum over time. Momentum is a special alchemy encompassing motivation, discipline, structure, availability and writing skills. From a more subjective standpoint, passion and creativity are also key to sustain the internal flame to go on when things seem collapsing around us.

I leave aside the bare and necessary knowledge and command we should have about blogging platforms and related tools. When we get started, the motivation is driven by personal reasons but passion should already pop in during the early thinking process. The pitfall is to be only driven by excitement and forget the appropriate foundations on which the project should lay on. We experience phase A when we have the feeling to ramp up pretty quickly and efficiently. The blog technical architecture is in place, posts flow as if we were born to write with an endless motivation. Our to-do list and article waiting list are ever growing… We just miss time to achieve all our high-end expectations. This is THE point. Time, priorities and subsequent organization we tend to underestimate at the beginning. Depending on conceivable personal and professional constraints we need to clearly define the core activities and plan intermediate objectives to reach a steady state.

I felt this excitement earlier this year and being held by the relentless envy to produce content and keep developing and improving the site structure and layout at the same time. Although rather organized, I somehow did not carefully set the activity plan and priorities. I mainly stimulated my motivation with content writing and layout design. An easy way to put the cart before the horse.

Phase A is a cheerful period but it indubitably leads us to notice sooner or later that it will not last long.

We thus quickly invert the trend and find ourselves engaged in a steep decline as shown in phase B. The writing process and blogging rhythm become loose. We start feeling down at the dumb. This is the moment motivation can be seriously impacted and all hopes can be ruined as quickly as they had raised. Quite a challenge!

Being trapped by professional duties and extended working hours I started struggling with a still consistent to-do list to handle at the same time blog structure refinement and content writing. My writing regularity collapsed week after week.

Do not deem this situation as the very bottom of a well but more as a chance to step back and reconsider the way to proceed, improve practices and seek appropriate internal resources to react and go on. The awareness on the situation should be quick enough to have time to change things before loosing all motivation and the few followers we gained so far.

It should definitely remain a good lessons learnt.

Phase C is a longer term period supposed to lead to a sustained and steady blogging situation. The duration depends on revised expectations, objectives, timeline and milestones to reach achievements.
A stepwise approach to build up progressively appropriate blogging practices and habits fosters a robust foundation. The motivation is cheered up not only with the writing content but also with the growing reputation and community following us.

My thinking back on the first months of led me to lay down an improved approach and consideration about blogging. Several readings of personal similar experiences provide me with a few ways to handle such situations.

As a further insight on practices, I will address in a dedicated article the importance and principles of the writing process while blogging.

Question: I would love hearing about your own experience. How did you manage to handle several activities at the same time?


Photo credit: Creative Commons, Sean MacEntee
llustration credit: Pascal Genotal